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Read our books published in gigantic print (46- to 100-points). Each Bright Reads Books editor makes sure that nearly anyone can see our print. This beats large print books.

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See and read over 25 vision-happy titles in categories of literature, poetry, and Bible passages. Plus, we’re adding more all the time. That’s better than large print books.

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Rely on Buy our books through Amazon’s trusted checkout and reliable shipping. See the print. Begin reading right away with a gigantic advantage over large print books.

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You should see BRIGHT READS BOOKS’ gigantic print.

  • Enjoy over 25 classic titles plus young adult fiction and science fiction. Poetry too. See the print and enjoy each book, start to finish.
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Reimagine the world in a new way through books you can see.

Discover reading again.


Bright Reads Books = Gigantic Print Books

Gigantic print books beat large print books every time!

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