Caring for elders with aromatherapy

You’ve probably heard that our sense of smell strongly reinforces our memories. Did you know that smells—aromas—can influence our present experiences? Consider this for the first of our elder care blogs.

That ability to augment our lives through scent is the core belief behind aromatherapy. The idea is that certain categories of aromas can enhance our mood, reaction, and emotions.

How can aromatherapy help those caring for seniors? It seems to work the same way for folks of any age and may be powerful with the elderly. Of course, caregivers should take into account any decline in olfactory senses, and at the same time, run any therapy plan by a physician.

We’ll cover the basics here. To start, focus on two experiences and the primary category of aromatherapy for each.

Uplift. Boost energy and increase focus.

Citrus scents come to the rescue here. Turn to things as simple as peeled oranges, lemons, and grapefruit. The natural oils in these fruits contain ingredients that you’ll likely describe as “refreshing.” An additional testament to this is perfume manufacturers’ use of citrus in colognes intended to be bright and invigorating.

Relax. Soothe the spirit and reduce anxiety.

Lavender is the number one choice. Vanilla (ordinary, real vanilla extract from your kitchen cabinet) is a close second. Both of these aromatic items are soothing, help make elderly individuals feel comforted, and may even promote sleep.

That’s simple, right? What’s never easy—but still often a welcome opportunity—is being an elder caregiver. It can be demanding work, especially if it’s for a loved one (your peep), as there’s an added emotional load to shoulder.

As you move through your day helping the person in your care, think about the simplicity of aromatherapy. Taking advantage of its benefits can be a breeze.

You can make use of everyday kitchen items to boost your peep and later help encourage relaxation for that same person. Just rub a handkerchief or pillow — or sprinkle either with a few drops.

In the arduous journey that is elder care, what do you have to lose?

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