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Reading is a timeless form of recreation and education. All it requires is that we see the print and process the words. However, we know that vision is not ageless. Many visually challenged individuals find so-called “large print” books (usually 18 points) too difficult to see. The Bright Reads Books gigantic print editorial team works with classic text that is “copyright free,” formatting and designing beautiful editions. At 46- to 100-points, Bright Reads Books can help nearly anyone rediscover the joy of reading. You’ll enjoy books, especially our many titles, once again.




Founder and President

With decades of communication experience, Mr. Sellano founded Bright Reads Books to give the visually challenged something new to see and read. He discovered the need for gigantic-print books while trying to buy a Book of Psalms for his mother. Rick was only able to find books with type sizes around 18-point. That’s why he started Bright Reads Books. His company’s mission is to help individuals of all ages rediscover reading with books in 46- to 100-point font sizes. Bright Reads Books offers gigantic-print titles. We help unlock the joy of reading for many.


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